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Allow our company in Eugene, Oregon, to help you need new concrete or repairs to existing concrete. Nothing is more frustrating than investing a lot of time and money into a project only to have it completed to subpar standards, requiring repairs or even replacement in a short period. Allow us to assist you with your concrete projects and ensure that they are completed the first time correctly.

Who are we?

We are a team of skilled professionals who take pride in their work. Our work takes many forms, but one thing that remains constant is our dedication to excellence. As dependable contractors, our mission is to be proactive and cautious in overcoming unique challenges as they arise. Our diligence ensures that we provide consistent service to our clients. Our team employs decades of ingenuity, as well as meticulous attention to detail, to ensure that your pavement is always in perfect working order, rain or shine. We work hard to make your dreams a reality.
We are the city's concrete suppliers, with a long history of supplying, pouring, and installing flatwork projects of all kinds. When it comes to ordering and getting concrete shipped, we are dependable and easy to work with.


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Concrete is not only a lovely addition to any home, but it also serves a practical purpose in foundations, gardens, retaining walls, walkways, and other areas. Today's technology allows for strengthened foundations as well as a variety of decorative elements. People have discovered new formulas that are smooth and come in a variety of gray shades. The newer concrete mixes are superb garden wall substitutes for brick. We also have asphalt that can be used to create charming brick designs.

We are Trustworthy, Cost-Effective, and Efficient.

You’re booking a professional home repair service because you know that a skillfully completed repair will save time and money down the road. Home repair professionals on our platform are screened and vetted when they join, and they come with the right equipment to perform the job exceptionally well. Know that with Handy, you are always connected with a professional that is skilled in completing home repairs.

We are a Reputable, Dependable, and Quality Company.

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What we are offering you?

We take pride in our affordability, professionalism, and superior quality. Our company makes sure that no customer is dissatisfied with their service. We have created a community based on trust and experience. When you hire us as your concrete contractors, you are becoming a member of the family. We provide a diverse set of professional services. One company can satisfy all of your concrete wishes. Any project, regardless of size or circumstance, is covered by our company. We provide the following services:

Concrete Foundation

Concrete, of course, is an excellent foundation for any structural project. Different methods and techniques for making foundational concrete have been developed and applied over time. It is commonly used all over the world, and that is putting it mildly. Concrete is used in a variety of ways and to varying degrees in all building and architectural projects. This is because concrete has proved to be an all-around material that can be relied on for any project. Our skilled concrete foundation contractors will assist you in restoring your structure to its former glory.

Concrete Flatwork

You need a solid, perfectly flat, and level surface whether you're walking on it or parking on it. That is where we can help. Our team of concrete flatwork contractor specialists will produce a finished product you can be proud of, whether it's sidewalks, driveways, patios, or any other flat surface.

Concrete Basements

Don't let the space in your basement go to waste. If you're only using your basement for storage, consider turning it into a lovely, functional, and livable space. We offer several stylish basement floors refinishing options available in various stains and colors that will make your decorative concrete floors stand out.

Concrete Patio

When you trust our concrete services, you will have a concrete patio in no time. We'll be able to offer an unbeatable concrete patio price, and we'll even be able to offer an unbeatable stamped concrete patio price. This means that we'll use our experience building countless concrete patios to assist you in creating your ideal outdoor oasis.

Emergency Home Repair

When an emergency arises, whether it’s a fire, flood or fallen tree, you want to get things back to normal quickly. Our Rapid Response service in Sandy Spring Georgia of professional and high quality concrete contractors will find the right remodeling and repair for you and put you in touch within minutes during your time of need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to lower concrete slabs?

In some instances, no. If tree roots cause the elevated slabs, the adjacent slabs should be raised on a graded slope to meet the higher slab to eliminate the trip hazard.

What exactly is avoid?

Underneath the asphalt, a gap is a pocket of air or water. Clay soil is more susceptible to voids than other soil types. Voids may also be caused by water drainage problems, inadequate soil preparation, burrowing rodents, or natural soil settling.

Where do I look for significant damage?

Foundation damage may manifest itself in various ways, from a squeaky door or window to massive cracks in the ground or walls. Some of the most common causes of foundation damage are poor drainage or water leaks. Our company offers free foundation evaluations, so don't hesitate to schedule one if you think yours is in danger.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is made by pouring concrete and then imprinting a pattern or texture until it dries thoroughly. The imprint is intended to give the concrete the appearance and feel of other materials, including stone, slate, brick, tile, and wood. Since it is imprinted onto a single concrete slab, stamped concrete differs from pavers or similar surfaces. Pavers are segmented concrete parts used to create a pattern but are not attached to form a single piece of concrete.

What kind of maintenance does a patio require?

Every two years, re-seal it and install a non-slip substance to make it safer to walk on when it's wet or snowy. To avoid scratching your new patio's surface, use shovels with plastic tips.

When will I be able to set up patio furniture on my new patio?

After the concrete has been sealed for seven days, to prevent damage to your new patio, use protective caps or glides on your metal patio furniture.

Eugene Rock Concrete Contractor

Eugene Rock Concrete Contractor

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